German Performance Medal Course

The German System of Riding mandates every rider who competes in Dressage, Jumping or Cross Country to obtain their Medals in order. Due to this system, each rider is classified in a level to compete with similar qualified riders.

These 3 Medals are required before a point system comes into effect.

  • Little Bronze
  • Big Bronze
  • Silver

The State Equestrian College in Vechta, Germany offers a course in English that allows individuals from other countries to receive the instructions and experience associated with these Medal Courses.

Yvonne Kusserow worked for two years at the State Equestrian College where she completed her apprenticeship to become a certified Bereiter.

Because of our connections to the State Equestrian College we are able to coordinate and provide the chance to attend these Medal Courses for barns, trainers, their students or individuals.

This opportunity will allow you to explore the German culture, the European way of Classical Training and Instruction and will be an experience of a life time!

Rocking M has organized many successful Medal Courses in the past. Due to our connections to local Breeding and Sales facilities, many previous participants have found their sport- and pleasure horse! Buying a horse in Germany is not required but can be a lot of fun.

Please contact us for more information!

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